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BSG Waste paper


BSG  Recycling is Ukrainian leader of providing sustainable waste management and recycling solutions. Our company offers environmentally safe products for communities and businesses around the world.                        Our offices are located in Ukraine, Lithuania and USA. As an international company, we are focused on technologies aimed at improving our environmental performance, increasing operational and economic efficiency and expand our business.

BSG Recycling is about sustainable-being of the communities around the world. Our goal is  to improve the environmental quality by establishing international relations and promote paper recycling and trade environmentally friendly products.

What We Do

BSG logistics solutions

Logistic solutions

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Our logistics team offer their experience and expertise in ground and sea freight shipping services on a regional, international or global level. Providing value to our customers is our priority, we are offering a full support and on-time delivery. We are focused on arranging your shipping timely, stress-free and affordable

To ensure that our customers’ goods are in the right place at the right time, our logistics are based on intelligent management.We plan modern network transports, look for cross-industry solutions and ensure smooth freight transportion.  

We offer our customers comprehensive transport services in regional, national and international transport

BSG import and export


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Since 2016, the BSG Recycling has become the largest exporter in the field of secondary raw materials. Every year we develop and increase the number of our partners around the world. Currently, we export more than 6 thousand tons of waste paper a year.

Our high-performance team is constantly working to meet every requirement of our customers in terms of quality, volume and price of the goods. We are always available to provide full information about our products, as well as all necessary documentation about the origin and quality. We are providing great customer service and full support.

As well, our project for the import of waste paper for the supply of local factories and plants is in development.

BSG recycling

Recycling materials supply

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Recycling helps protect the environment, reduce substantial air and water pollution. As recycling saves energy it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to tackle climate change.

We help large world paper chains and mills to obtain raw materials that are used for manufacturing. All the companies that operate under the BSG brand are aware of our environmental responsibility, constantly we acknowledge our commitment to sustainable development and the circular economy. Our duty is to recognize those responsibilities in social, environmental and economic matters to ensure an optimal quality of life for both current and future generations.

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We are constantly increasing the volume of raw materials, the amount of partners and the areas of cooperation


It is important for us to build good relationships
Our main values are speed, quality, honesty

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